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-67% 1 pcs 433 MHz Wireless Infrared detector PIR Motion Sensor for Kerui GSM/PSTN Auto Dial Home Alarm System

1 pcs 433 MHz Wireless Infrared detector PIR Motion Sensor for Kerui GSM/PSTN Auto Dial Home Alarm System

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  • Accessories for  IZSP-006 IP Camera, you can receive alert on your smart phone and Email
  • It will work with most standard security system which is using 433MHz 315MHz receiver
  • ASIC adopted, Auto temperature compensation, Send alarm signal by RF, No wiring, install conveniently, SMT design adopted
  • Radio frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz, Code form: 2262 or 1527, Radio distance: 200m (open area)
  • Low battery indicator: Yellow LED, Alarm indicator: Red Led



The product is wireless passive infrared detector with high stability. It has adopted advanced technology in signal processing and provided high detection ability and anti error alarm.

Technology Specification:
Operation Voltage: 9V (powered by battery)
Static current: less 25uA
Alarm current: less 15mA
Detecting distance: 12M
Detecting angle: 110 degree
Code form: 2262 or 1527
Radio frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz
Radio distance: 200m (open area)
Low battery indicator: Yellow LED
Alarm indicator:Red LED
Range of coverage: 11 distance ,8 middle,5 Vicinities
Sensor: Dual element infrared sensor
Operation temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Environment humidity: less 95% (no congelation)
Anti RF interference: 10MHZ-1GMHZ 20v/m
Installation mode: wall mounted or hanged in corner
Installation height: 1.7-2.5m (2.2m is proposed)
Outline size: 59L*45W*107H mm

1. Avoid to install at the outdoor, place with pets, air-condition nearby, direct sunshine, heat source and under the rotating objects.
2. Surface of installation should be firm with no vibration.
3. Installing the detector in the place where intruder pass easily.
4. Fixing bracket on the wall by screw.
5. Hang the detector, it will work normally after turning on the power switch.

1. Don't touch the surface of sensor for avoiding affecting the sensitivity of the detector. Clean the sensor if needed.
2. The product can reduce accident but may not perform as expected. The user is advised to take all necessary precautions for his/her safety and the protection of his/her property.
3. In order to ensure it can work normally, the power should be kept to supply and get on walking test periodically.

Package Included:
2 x PIR Detector (Replaceable Battery included)
2 x Wall Mounting

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